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Defense Grid 2 now £5.54 on Steam, save 70% on "probably the best tower defence game there is"

Jonathan Lester
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Defense Grid 2 now £5.54 on Steam, save 70% on "probably the best tower defence game there is"

Defense Grid 2 is only £5.54 on Steam (save 70%!)

"Probably the best tower defence game there is," we summed up in our Defense Grid 2 review. "Nothing more, nothing less."

Praise doesn't get much higher than that, but the price can't get much lower, since you can currently save 70% on Steam as part of the SteamOS sale. Credit to jaystan who heroically rounded it up yesterday!

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Tsung  Mar. 6, 2015 at 08:24

I'm sorry I'm going to disagree, it is not the best tower defence game there is.

I love(d) my tower defence games in the past Defense Grid 1; Sol Survivor; Dungeon Defenders, various SC/WC3 mods really they are great. But I recently purchased DG2 and completed all the achievements (apart from 2*) in a couple of days.

What's wrong with it?. It just lacks any vision, the game is easy^, a lot of the the times I press Fast Forward button at the start, set-up some towers, and go make a cup-pa tea whilst the level completes itself. Any moments of doubt can usually be eradicated by using the "generals" power up.

The scoring is flawed, you score less for killing mobs early (doing a good job) and more for killing them late (doing a bad job). So sometimes you miss out on a gold medal simply for being too good for the level.

Some levels do change mid game, it's a shame they didn't implement this feature in more levels. Once you worked out the optimum route, blocked it, built towers there is nothing to do. Oh and the voice over, is so annoying, if I hear the game tell me "Boost towers are the swiss army knife of all towers" one more time aggghh..

DG 2 is an average tower defence game.

*The two achievements I have left are. 1. kill 10,000 aliens and 2. Get 100 gold badges. Both are just massive time sinks I guess I'll get there eventually.

^There are different difficulty levels, I would turn it up except.... That achievement get 100 gold badges HAS TO BE DONE at the same difficultly level. Some people just stick it on Easy and do the achievement (time sink). There is no incentive to choose a more difficult level. (maybe some achievements like complete the game on hard / Expert might help? ).


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