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Defiance Pricing Revealed: Trion Looking At "Dual" Pricing Model

Jonathan Lester
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Defiance Pricing Revealed: Trion Looking At "Dual" Pricing Model

One-Off Purchase, Then Subscription OR Microtransactions

Massively multiplayer co-op shooter Defiance will potentially be a major earner for Trion Worlds and NBC, so long as they manage to attract enough players (and television viewers) with an attractive pricing model. Senior Producer Robert Hill has told us how Defiance will be monetised, suggesting that they're looking into rolling out a range of DLC packs, boosters and other microtransactions that can be bought separately or included as part of a premium subscription.

During an extensive interview to be published later today, Hill confirmed that Defiance will require a one-off boxed purchase (and/or presumably digital on PC) in order to play, while getting involved with the massive open world will be free.

"What we've talked about - it's not 100% but this is what we're looking at doing - is a dual system where somebody can decide that they want to grab little-by-little individual microtransactions and individual download content or they can subscribe and get all of that stuff included," Hill told Dealspwn.com.

"Boosters are one of the things we're looking at, for sure. What we don't want to do is sell weapons. Cosmetic customisation - not just you but the vehicles you can drive. Those are the two primary drivers, besides download content which will only be available if you actually purchase it."

This download content will include new story missions, raids and even gameplay systems that will be accessible to all players at a basic level, but will require a further purchase to access fully. Since Hill wasn't "100%" sure, however, this could be subject to change.

Defiance is slated for an April 2013 release on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. You can read our Defiance hands-on preview for more intel, and be sure to stick around for the full interview with Robert Hill later this afternoon.

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Quietus  Dec. 13, 2012 at 15:33

It would depend entirely upon what they choose their microtransactions to be. If you're unable to compete, and are forced to buy things - or 'pay to win', as I call it - then it's essentially just a higher priced game. They could just give us a game, at a price, and have done with it. Or give the game away free, and have a mandatory subscription - at a realistic price. Personally, I don't believe that any game should charge more than about £5 a month.


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