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Defiance Most Wanted Competition: Break Yourself For Fame!

Jonathan Lester
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Defiance Most Wanted Competition: Break Yourself For Fame!

Defiance's first major cross game/TV series appearance has been detailed, allowing players to compete to get a digitized version of their mug onto the SyFy show. We're not sure whether the obscene amount of grind is worth the reward, but if you're game, we've got the details below.

As detailed on the official site, you'll need to enter a registration code into your Trion Account page, and then complete two new pursuits before May 12th. The player who racks up the highest amount of Ark salvage per hour (an arduous proposition that will require you to constantly hurtle between Arkfalls without a break) will be crowned the winner and get their face on the telly. All platforms are eligible for entry, though the procedure is slightly different in each case.

"The Winner’s likeness, as portrayed in a photograph provided by the Winner to Trion, shall be rendered by an artist, chosen in Trion’s sole discretion, for use in a special place in an upcoming episode of the DEFIANCE television show," explains the blurb. We reckon that a wanted poster, news broadcast or newspaper clipping might be a good bet.

Terms and conditions abound, such as having to pass a maths test if you're Canadian (no, really) and sign all manner of legal documents if you're successful. More details in the contest rules.

Carl recently awarded Trion's brave transmedia project with a 6/10 score in our episodic Defiance review.

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