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Del Toro: The Video Games We'll Be Playing In 2020 Will Be F*cking Masterpieces

Matt Gardner
Guillermo del Toro, Hollywood, Irrational Games, Narrative, Volition Inc.

Del Toro: The Video Games We'll Be Playing In 2020 Will Be F*cking Masterpieces

Guillermo Del Toro has waxed lyrical about the narrative prospects of video games as an artistic medium, saying emphatically that he believes games offer a future to genre narrative that film and television simply won't be able to match.

'Video games are no doubt the bridge to the future of genre narrative,' he said, in a Q and A video with Ken Levine on Irrational games' site.

'You're not going to see the narratives of, let's say, a [Pedro] Almodovar or an indie film maker wane - they're going to stay - but big, genre, artistically-challenging, brilliantly-done storytelling - holy shit, there's a lot you can do in games that you'd never even dream of doing in movies, or TV, or comics.'

Del Toro acknowledge that films offer a 'peak' of conveying narrative and telling stories, but he argued that games aren't far behind at all.

'Films are fantastic. They are one of the peaks of human narrative. Now, and I'm sorry to break the news to the movie industry, but so is the video game. [...] The video game - not all of them right now - but the video games we'll be playing in 2020 will be fucking masterpieces. Many masterpieces.''

Cinematic might be a term that gets thrown around a lot in this industry, but Del Toro suggested that although there were similarities between films and games, the skill sets required to succeed in either are vastly different.

'[Gaming is] not a medium where you are going to wander if you're just an interested observer,' he continued. 'You have to be a gamer to completely absorb the possibility of narrative in games - with their own fucking set of rules.'

'The mistake you have many times is you have a filmmaker who says "oh there's money in video games, I'm going to go make a video game". No. You need to truly have a passion, and even a layman understanding of the medium or you will be completely pummelled by the process.'

Of course, Del Toro is giving it a go himself, teaming up with Volition to bring survival horror title inSane to shelves in 2013.

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