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Del Toro: "Two Or Three Years To Go" On inSANE

Felix Kemp
Guillermo del Toro, Insane, Volition Inc.

Del Toro: "Two Or Three Years To Go" On inSANE

We know next to nothing about Guillermo Del Toro's inSANE, a joint collaboration between the film director himself and Saints Row developers, Volition Software. But we're still excited to see what's in store. However, it might be quite a while before we see anything; as Del Toro has today confirmed the game has "two or three years to go" before it'll be ready for release.

"We've been working for a year. We have two or three more years to go. It's huge," Del Toro told MTV Multiplayer. He revealed he's "learning a lot", and that he's not telling his achievements in cinema - Del Toro directed the Oscar-nominated Pan's Labyrinth - get ahead of his "respect for the medium".

But what can we expect from inSANE? Well, true to Del Toro's love for weird and wonderful beasts, inSANE will feature "obscenely fun and unique" creatures. "You haven't seen them ever," he insists.

Considering Del Toro is developing the game with Saints Row and Red Faction developers Volition, you'd be forgiven for thinking inSANE was a sandbox game. And it is; Del Toro revealed they've designed "all the architecture already", and that between his film projects and work on inSANE, he's working "pretty much 24/7".

If you're an avid film fan, you might have heard the distressing news that Del Toro's labor of love, a film adaption of HP Lovecraft's At The Mountains of Madness, was cancelled by Universal. Del Toro was openly distraught, but that hasn't stopped him from channeling his love for Lovecraft's work, as inSANE is said to be heavily inspired by the writer's work.

"It's Lovecraftian, it's really weird, but it's Lovecraftian in a very sick way," Del Toro gushes, "which I like. It's truly, truly entertaining. Full of action, but also a very shocking game." We can't wait! [MTV Multiplayer]

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