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Denis Dyack Responds To Criticism Over Silicon Knights

Matt Gardner
Denis Dyack, Precursor Games, Shadow of the Eternals, Silicon Knights, X-Men Destiny
X-Men: Destiny

Denis Dyack Responds To Criticism Over Silicon Knights

Remember the Kotaku article that accused Denis Dyack and Silicon Knights of funnelling development funds away from X-Men Destiny to work on a project pitch demo rumoured to be Eternal Darkness II?

Well, Dyack (who's now over at Precursor Games in an exclusively creative capacity) has responded to the allegations calling out Kotaku for running the piece, and addressing the concerns that many community members have expressed over the development of Precursor's crowdfunding effort, Shadow of the Eternals.

It makes for excellent viewing and Dyack makes some very good points. However, he completely fails to address that this bad press all started with the news of Epic's (rather successful) lawsuit, and SK being forced to pay Epic several million dollars in damages for copied code.

Dyack apologises in the video for the "mistakes" he's made, and stresses the point that at Precursor he'll only be dealing with creative things rather than anything business-related.

Give it a watch and let us know what you think. Has it changed your mind about getting involved with Shadow of the Eternals?

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Realhoneyman  May. 20, 2013 at 14:26

Being proven guilty of commiting fraud to another company and taking them to court over that act is the lowest of the low.

I don't believe Dyack should be allowed to be in a position to defend his reputation currently. It comes across as the heaviest form of ignorance towards past actions, hoping to wipe away activities that are criminal in nature.

The crowdfunding means by which Precursor Games are aiming to receive funding for Shadow of the Eternals may be the only way they can receive money. To be honest though, you wouldn't give a known criminal a grant to start a new business venture would you?

Fraudsters suceed because they abuse the kindness of good people until the wake up and finally say **** off and disappear (pardon the heavy language).

This is exactly what Dyack needs. That, or Precursor Games to exist without this heavily corrupt individual's participation. He should be excised from the industry permanently.

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