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DeRail Unveil Shadow Of The Game For PC

Jonathan Lester
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DeRail Unveil Shadow Of The Game For PC

"An Experimental Story Driven 2D Adventure"

DeRail Games are best known for the Xbox Live Indie Platformers, two of which have graced our weekly awards and even featured in our best XBLIG games of 2010 roundup. However, their latest project is a far cry from their comfort zone: an "experimental story-driven 2D adventure" in development for PC. Shadow Of The Game will tell its story through music and artwork as well as cutscenes and dialogue; featuring little of the conventions we've come to expect from the RPG genre. And "huge bongs," apparently.

It's exciting news, and we've got more details after the break.

DeRail Unveil Shadow Of The Game For PC

Shadow of the Game is the longest-running and most ambitious project in DeRail’s history, and has been in development since 2010. The title focuses on storytelling via music, cut scenes and dialogue. Conventional gameplay elements found in most RPGs are rare, for example, user interfaces such as health & spell bars won't make an appearance. The only user interface in the game is the dialogue window, and everything else is based on the player’s perception of the story.

DeRail describe Shadow of the Game as "like nothing ever seen before," "for gamers, by gamers, about gamers." Its singleplayer storyline tells the tale of a group of MMO-gamers playing the last raid in a final expansion, striving for the best loot ever made in MMO history: Tankpranx. Players can expect to investigate narrative themes like loot rules, MMO culture, parallel universes spiced up with a Meta- designed story, strong references to illegal substances ("they smoke weed, a lot of weed"), bad grammar, no violence, huge bongs and psychoactive experiences.

Shadow Of The Game has been tentatively scheduled for a 2012 release, though DeRail are currently seeking a publishing or retail partner. We'll keep you posted, and you can follow its progress through the link.

DeRail Unveil Shadow Of The Game For PC

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Lolgamer  Mar. 3, 2012 at 15:20

Hmm... I like how that one eye-thing on the left looks like "goatse".

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