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We desperately want Rock Band to return... but on one condition

Jonathan Lester
Harmonix, Rock Band

We desperately want Rock Band to return... but on one condition

Rock Band might be coming back.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Harmonix are reviving their legendary music game for PS4 and Xbox One, many years after a combination of factors caused the plastic peripheral music genre to fall from grace. As the recession killed off disposable income, mobile gaming became more attractive and Guitar Hero oversaturated the market, the days of rocking out in our living rooms became a distant memory.

There's still no official confirmation, but the resurgence in Rock Band DLC is interesting anecodal evidence, and quite frankly we feel that it's time for a comeback... at least, on one small yet important condition.

We desperately want Rock Band to return... but on one condition

Rock Band (and Guitar Hero) will always have a very special place in my heart. Back when I used to live with three mates over in Surrey, we graduated from Guitar Hero to Rock Band as the craze wore on. You'd find us making our own fantasy bands -- the names of which are too offensive to write here, we were young, stupid and obsessed with cheating the anti-profanity filters -- then leaping off the sofa with plastic axe in hand and beasting out some tasty licks on Expert Mode. When Rock Band released, I became the lead singer (what else?), warbling out the tunes as Dan and Seb backed me up on lead guitar and base. You legends. We had some times.

So we reckon enough time has passed that we need Rock Band back in our lives, especially as local multiplayer and social gaming is becoming more important.

But, I hasten to add, with one caveat.

It must be compatible with the peripherals we already own.

We desperately want Rock Band to return... but on one condition

This one's a dealbreaker. It's non-negotiable, and our readers are already pointing it out.

Call me entitled if you must, but the fact is that many of us already have an enormous number of plastic guitars, drum kits and keyboards clogging up space in cupboards and lofts, gathering dust without new games that support them. The new Rock Band has to acknowledge that we simply can't be expected to pay out again for yet another set of pricey instruments that might not be supported properly down the line.

If Harmonix are smart, they'll ensure backwards compatibility with our old gear, but bring out a gorgeous range of new peripherals, perhaps with some new features that can only be accessed on the new kit. Chances are we'll take the plunge. Perhaps they'll even go down the Rocksmith route of letting us use real guitars? But the choice needs to be ours, else the comeback might not even get off the ground.

We'll wait and see. Nothing has been officially announced yet, and if Rock Band does return, with any luck we'll be able to put the band back together.

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nWoVice33  Feb. 21, 2015 at 05:55

I agree. I forked down $250 bucks to get the rock band 3 ion drums, which were far superior than those plastic ones rock band had. I do hope they make backwards compatibility with the peripherals. I had to upgrade to a ps4 much earlier than I expected because my ps3 broke down, and it was out of warranty. Now may expensive drum set is sitting my room collecting dust next to my dj hero special edition with the dj carry case/table

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