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Destiny Alpha PvE Gameplay – The Flood and the Imp

Matt Gardner
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Destiny Alpha PvE Gameplay – The Flood and the Imp

Following on from yesterday's little look at core combat and PvP, here's a taster of Destiny's PvE content. Brendan and I will be having a crack at the Level 6 Strike today, but in the meantime here's a look at the PS4 alpha's lone story mission that sees us getting friendly with Destiny's version of 343 Guilty Spark, voiced by Peter Dinklage.

Last time we took a little look at the Titan class, this time around we've gone with a Warlock build. There's not much to choose from between the classes at this particular point in time given the low-levels and the fact that there are no real gun restrictions based on class, but rather than the Donkey Kong AOE smash that the titan can wield, the Warlock obliterates everything in front of them with a gloriously purple Nova Bomb.

And then the Flood turn up.

Sort of.

PS4 owners! How have you been finding the Destiny alpha thus far? Likes? Dislikes? We'll have an impressions podcast and preview on Monday for you.

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Drago_MkII  Jun. 15, 2014 at 23:12

I am absolutely loving it, Bungie haven't disappointed. As you said it does feel a bit like a spiritual successor to Halo but that to me is only a good thing and to at least some extent what I was hoping for. I do think that it feels different enough to be it's own thing though and will be interested in how the story differs since we only get a tiny snippet in the alpha.

As plenty of other people have said its like a mix of halo with borderlands and I see elements that remind me of Phantasy Star Online. These are 3 of my favourite games from the last 15 years so I'm pretty darn happy! It looks great, the gunplay is satisfying and there's some cool loot. I'm particularly enjoying the strike mission too.

In terms of negatives: load times. Really hope those are shorter in the finished game but in fairness you only load on going into the area then you explore the whole thing freely. The enemies seem a bit too quick to respawn on the exploration map, maybe it wouldn't be so bad if they didn't respawn while you were still there from just killing them but either way this isn't the end of the world and I guess it's so that if there are a few other people running around the area killing things then at least you don't have to wait ages for them to come back. I do hope that the area of earth in the alpha isn't the only earth area in the full game too. I'm sure other people will have plenty more things they don't like about it but as I'm really enjoying it. Better get back on it now before it ends :)

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