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New Details On The Last Of Us

Felix Kemp
Naughty Dog, PS3 games, The Last Of Us

New Details On The Last Of Us

Fungus Behaviour?

Iwaggle3D - fantastic name - recently sat down with Naughty Dog's Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann to discuss their recently announced new IP, The Last of Us, a post-apocalyptic tale where a plague has "decimated mankind". And while Naughty Dog has assured us it's not about monsters, it appears the 'monsters' glimpsed in The Last of US trailer have particularly monstrous behaviours.

In their interview, Iwaggle3D's video reveals a Naughty Dog whiteboard detailing The Last of Us' creatures' behaviour. It's all very vague, what with the inability to make out some of the descriptions and the generally esoteric rhetoric Naughty Dog has wisely employed to ward off simpletons like myself.

However, what we can make out - "idle monster behaviour", "fungus behaviour", "plant gestation" - gets us very excited. According to the chart, "idle monster behaviour" consists of (1), standing still, (2), feeding, on either people or animals, and (3), patrolling. While Naughty Dog obviously doesn't want their emotionally gripping narrative misconstrued as a simple monster thriller, it does appear we'll be running into a few horrific scenarios and duly running for our collective lives. We can't wait. [Iwaggle3D]

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