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Details Roll In For Guild Wars 2’s Final Beta Weekend

Carl Phillips
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Details Roll In For Guild Wars 2’s Final Beta Weekend

New PvP Maps & Mini-Games Detailed

We are just days away from the last chance to get hands-on with ArenaNet’s upcoming MMORPG Guild Wars 2 before its August release, and we now know what to expect when the servers go live on Friday evening. It had been previously confirmed that the Asuran and Sylvari races would be playable, but the latest post on the official blog has announced there will be even more new content to try out than we were originally expecting.

A new area called the Brisban Wildlands has been confirmed, offering a new area for level 17-20 playeres. Adjacent to the lands of the Humans, Asurans, and the Sylvari, this jungle is home to a race called the Skritt, whom the Asurans consider a potentially huge threat the world.

Details Roll In For Guild Wars 2’s Final Beta Weekend

Mini-games have also been announced for the upcoming beta, the first being something called Keg Brawl. The pastime of the Norn looks to be a bizarre cross between Rugby and British Bulldog, and involves huge amounts of booze. ArenaNet reckons “you’ll never look at a keg of ale in the same way again!” We’ll be sure to give you our impressions of the mini-game when we get our hands on it.

Details Roll In For Guild Wars 2’s Final Beta Weekend

Also included in the currently build are Vistas, a new addition to the exploration aspect of the game. Players will be able to go to specific locations and “activate a sweeping panoramic cinematic of the area” to see it in all its glory. We’ve got an example of one for you below.

Elsewhere, a new competative PvP map has been announced called “Legacy of the Foefire.” Drawing inspiration from the original Guild Wars, it will feature powerful NPC “guild lords” which will provide plenty of points for those that are able to beat them (providing the other team doesn’t kill you first.) World Vs World is also getting some new additions in the form of a new enemy called Sentries. These mobs will provide solo players with a way to contribute to the on-going battle, but will provide a significant challenge to best.

Also of note is that the micro-transaction Gem Store will be up and running this weekend. While purchases will not be carried over to the full launch, ArenaNet has stated that any gems bought will be waiting in player’s accounts in August. Additionally, all data from the previous Beta Weekends have been wiped, so everybody will be starting fresh this weekend.

Details Roll In For Guild Wars 2’s Final Beta Weekend

For more details on the upcoming Beta Weekend, including a bit more insight into the Sylvari and Asura races by Lore & Continuity Writer Ree Soesbee and concept artist Matt Barrett respectively, you can see the official post in full here.

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