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Details Roll In For Insomniac’s Fuse

Carl Phillips
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Details Roll In For Insomniac’s Fuse

Coming March 2013 For PS3 & Xbox 360

This morning’s news may have thrown a slight spanner into the works, but the planned reveal at 2pm today went on regardless, and we now know a little more about Insomniac’s next game. Although featuring a more “serious” visual design that was hinted at in the teaser video a few weeks back, reports are rolling in that the inventive weaponry is still there. Not only that, but some interesting twists on the co-op side of things have also come to light.

The game formally known as Overstrike takes place in a world where an alien substance known as Fuse has been stolen by a paramilitary group called Raven. They intend to use it in a very bad way, so the world turns to Overstrike 9; an elite team of four operatives with Fuse-powered weaponry who are tasked with stopping the terrorist group from achieving their goals. That’s the plot in a nutshell, and while the tone appears to be less quirky than Overstrike, Fuse does apparently contain characters that are, according to IGN, “witty and funny, as well as dark and human.”

Details Roll In For Insomniac’s Fuse

Although the colour pallete has been toned down from what we can see in the screenshots (as always, click to embiggen) it appears that the special abilities certainly haven’t by any means. Leader Dalton Brookes keeps his magshield from the Overstrike video, only instead of returning bullets to his enemies, he is able to discharge the shield turning nearby foes into puddles of goo. Jacob Kimble may have lost his suit and glasses, but his crossbow, known as the Arc Shot, returns with the ability to stick enemies to walls and turn them into lava. Meanwhile, Naya Deveraux keeps her stealth ability and gains a Warp gun that can set off a chain reaction amongst her enemies through the use of black holes. Finally, Izzy Sinclair provides the healing duties, although her Shattergun which can slow down and freeze enemies, expose them from cover, and ultimately blow them up.

In short, anyone fearing things were getting too serious can probably rest easier now.

Reports suggest that the co-op element encourages players to use these abilities together to create powerful combos, which translate into being award Fuse Points. These can be spent on character upgrades to boost said abilities further. However, the most interesting news is the new LEAP system, which will allow players to jump between characters mid-game. This will not only allow solo gamers more options of how to play, but it also allows co-op games of two or three to still be in control of a full squad of four characters.

Details Roll In For Insomniac’s Fuse

Elsewhere, word on the net also suggests that while the game is a third-person cover-based shooter, the characters will be much more nimble than those found in the Gears series, suggesting much more fluid gameplay style. IGN’s preview also hinted at a yet-to-be-announced mode outside of the main campaign.

These experience points also carry over into another, unannounced mode. Progression is persistent across both, so the unified system lets you earn in the campaign as well as… wherever else you’re playing Fuse.

So is this a multiplayer suite? Perhaps an online social game similar to Global Resistance? Only time will tell, but we do know that Fuse is currently aiming for a release date of March 2013.

Hopefully whatever legal issue Insomniac are having with their gameplay trailer will be resolved soon, because seeing the game in action is going to be the final confirmation as to whether Insomniac’s rebranding has been for the better. For now though, the reports suggest that Insomniac could be on a winner here with something that appears to be Borderlands, Timesplitters, and Vanquish chucked into a blender. Consider our interest upgraded to “cautiously optimistic.” In the meantime, have a few more screenshots, ready to embiggen. [IGN] [Playstation Blog]

Details Roll In For Insomniac’s Fuse

Details Roll In For Insomniac’s Fuse

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Late  Sep. 12, 2012 at 15:45

Not enough games incorporate Flubber as a shield/weapon. Kudos to Insomniac for taking steps to rectify that.

Kopite211  Sep. 12, 2012 at 19:05

Flubber FTW



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