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Deus Ex Collection £3 @ Steam [PC Games]

Jonathan Lester
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Deus Ex Collection £3 @ Steam [PC Games]

Deus Ex is one of the Best Games of All Time. It's a perfect ten; a shining example of what games should aspire to emulate. It's fun, deep, involving and replayable... and now it's dirt cheap. Steam are charging £3 for the Deus Ex Collection that includes the GOTY edition of the original game as well as its sequel (which would set you back around a tenner to buy new). Put simply: this is a thing that you want. Unless you already own it.

Deus Ex was great... and I'm going to have to explain why in a couple of hundred words. Sure, it has massive expansive levels that reward exploration and stealth. It has three endings and multiple storyline decisions to guarantee replayability. It offers rich character customisation that let us choose exactly how we want to play. But the main draw is that it gives the player genuine choice even in the smallest decision.

Let me show you what I mean. Encounter a locked door? Most games make you scamper off to get the key or flick a switch, but here are a few options that Deus Ex provides you with.

  1. Find the key.
  2. Pick the lock
  3. Blow the bloody door off (sic)
  4. Enhance your strength with an implantable augmentation and chop it down
  5. Hack a computer and unlock it remotely
  6. Swim around behind it though a hidden grate
  7. Just find another way in.

This element of free choice (coupled with a tight story) makes for an experience that's both well-scripted and refreshingly open-ended even today. The graphics have aged, but you simply can't call yourself a PC gamer without playing Deus Ex. Fact.

Deus Ex 2, on the other hand, is... not as good. It was developed for a simultaneous multiplatform launch, but the limited console hardware forced the sprawling level design and story scope to shrink dramatically. The enormous levels have been replaced by tiny hubs separated by lengthy load times, and exploration has given over to action for the most part.

However, that's not to say that Deus Ex 2 is bad. It's still a reasonable game replete with devastating weapons, a cracking story and supportable factions. You'll probably want to play through it simply to find out what happens after the end of the original! Oh, and it's £1.50 (which is worth paying just to mess around with the awesome fire physics).

There you have it. To reiterate: this is a thing that you want. Here's hoping that the sequel's going to deliver!

Thanks to Mafuzzer at Hot UK Deals

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Emma Kelly  Apr. 22, 2010 at 00:20

Loved these games. I agree that DE2 wasn't quite as good, but I still really enjoyed it.


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