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Deus Ex DLC Dated And Priced

Felix Kemp
Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Eidos, Square Enix, The Missing Link
Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex DLC Dated And Priced

The Missing Link No Longer MIA

Deus Ex fans, if you've run through every mission to absolute perfection, searched every nook and cranny for secrets and surprises, then you'll be pleased to hear the upcoming Human Revolutions DLC pack, The Missing Link, has a date and a price to go along with it. On October the 18th next week, you'll be able to pick it up off Xbox Live, the Playstation Network or off your computer for the choice sum of 1200 MS Points or simply £8.99.

Imprisoned on a Belltower boat on course for Singapore, Adam Jensen has been stripped of his equipment and powers but not his will and desire to escape. The Missing Link will add an additional five hours of story content wedged in-between the main game's narrative to supply some explanation for certain gaping plot-holes, and will feature all new tech upgrades with improved visuals, new weapons and an all new location to explore. We'll have more for you on The Missing Link very soon. [Twitter]

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