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Deus Ex Collection | £9.99 | Steam | PC

Carl Phillips
Deus Ex Complete, Eidos Interactive, Ion Storm, PC games, RPGs, Square Enix
Deus Ex | PC

Deus Ex Collection | £9.99 | Steam | PC

While I would hazard guess that a fair proportion of our dear readership has one or two of these titles lying about already, the general rule here at Dealspwn is “You can never have too many copies of Deus Ex.” The latest Steam Weekend deal sees reductions of all items in the entire series, making the bundle the cheapest way to get everything in one swoop.

The GOTY Edition of the original Deus Ex, its sub-par sequel Invisible War, and recent prequel Human Revolution are all here so you can explore the engrossing cyberpunk dystopia in whichever order you wish. Even the DLC for Human Revolution is thrown in, but you can always buy them individually for a reduced price if you own the game already. In short, huge reductions all round for one of the best gaming series to date. Thanks to chaywa @ HUKD!

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hurrakan  Jun. 22, 2012 at 11:41

There are two different versions of the Deus Ex intro music.

Fortunately, I think the Steam version has the FAR SUPERIOR version of the intro music:

The good version features an analogue synth riff after the breakdown - the crap version replaces the riff with some unimaginative strings.

The part I mean starts just after 1 minute and 15 seconds of the clip.

Good version(s):

Crap version:

I have even extracted ONLY the synth riff from the good version, converted it to FLAC and set it as my phone's call ringtone :)

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