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Deus Ex Human Revolution DLC Screenshots Arrive

Felix Kemp
Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Eidos, The Missing Link

The Missing Link Is Filled

You loved Deus Ex Human Revolution, right? Good. So did we. Well, if you've been craving another Adam Jensen fix - just one more Praxis point, please, I'm good for it, I swear! - then fret no longer, as The Missing Link DLC pack is set for release tomorrow, stranding Jensen on a prison boat bound for Singapore and forcing him to rise the augmented ranks and escape. We've a handful of new screenshots to tease you with before the 18th, so enjoy.

First up, we've a shot of a bunch of shady-looking types entering another gorgeous, golden-lit room. Jensen has been kidnapped by Belltower, so we can assume these are Belltower associates or employees. Maybe they're key character in the narrative - or even another chance for Eidos to right the wrongs in the full game and deliver a boss-fight that isn't ridiculously hard and annoying.

Deus Ex Human Revolution DLC Screenshots Arrive

Next, an in-game shot of Jensen firing at a bunch of Belltower goons. Eidos have promised a few new additions to Jensen's arsenal, but nothing far-reaching or major. Here's the sub-machine gun we've all rattled a few clips away on in the main game. The enemies, too, appear the same, so here's to hoping the rest of the DLC isn't just rehashed from past exploits.

Deus Ex Human Revolution DLC Screenshots Arrive

Third, a rather ominous glimpse at goings on aboard the Belltower ship. Strapped to a gurney titled to one side, an unfortunate prisoner is being tended to by an augment machine, with limbs missing and a nearby basin filled with bloody rags. We're still in the dark over what this particular Belltower ship, but maybe this is a clue?

Deus Ex Human Revolution DLC Screenshots Arrive

And finally, another in-game shot, with Jensen peering around a corner at a large interior environment, with a square, box-shaped room perched in the middle atop a flight of stairs. It looks like yet another open-ended gauntlet run, with a number of different avenues of opportunity to exploit. All in all, very promising.

Deus Ex Human Revolution DLC Screenshots Arrive

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