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Deus Ex Human Revolution Rated M For Mature

Felix Kemp
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Deus Ex Human Revolution Rated M For Mature


Deus Ex Human Revolution is shaping up to be a pretty spectacular summer blockbuster; Jon pipped it for his seventh favorite thing at this year's E3 event. And it appears Ubisoft have pulled no punches in their cyberpunk dystopia, with the ESRB stamping a Mature rating on the box, due to 'Intense Violence', 'Strong Language' and 'Sexual Themes'. Raunchy!

As is standard with ESRB rating summaries, the board reveal a number of scenes to back up their claims. Apparently, at one point during his quest for vengeance and answers, cyber sleuth Adam Jensen will find a wounded man, begging to be "put out of his misery". Jensen can then deliver an overdose of morphine to spare him the pain. They also reveal civilians can be killed, although it may have negative results upon your progress throughout the game.

Jensen can also swig beer or vodka to null his senses and increase his pain resistance, although at the cost of his vision which will blur considerably. You can also plant drugs, and "cigaweeds" are apparently mention. But what of this supposed 'Sexual Themes"? Can Jensen purchase an augmented prosthesis? No, apparently; but he'll venture into brothels sporting sex toys - shocking! - and their employees will drop numerous sexual innuendos.

It's all promising stuff, but now we just want to lay hands on it! Deus Ex Human Revolution drops in August on the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. [ESRB]

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