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Deus Ex Human Revolution Ships Two Million Worldwide

Felix Kemp
Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Square Enix
Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex Human Revolution Ships Two Million Worldwide

Launching In Japan Next Month

Human Revolution is good. Like, really good. It's not just the wonderful science-fiction film noir aesthetic or the wonderful stealth mechanics; it's the little details like scanning emails for hidden details or tossing vending machines at hapless passersby. And don't get me wrong; it's success wasn't guaranteed. Rebooting a beloved classic is a tall order, but Square were up to the challenge. And it appears to have paid off, with the publisher announcing two million copies of the game have been shipped worldwide, with a Japanese release due next month.

It pretty much guarantees us more Deus Ex in the future, so what would you guys like to see in a sequel? More stealth? Or less, in favor or more action? I, for one, would like a little more money spent on the facial tech. I wasn't sure if everyone had been the unlucky recipient of an ugly-face augmentation, but it was always painful to be face to face with an NPC. Check out Jon's review for more on this cracking title.

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Late  Sep. 11, 2011 at 00:04

I hope we see less hacking in any sequels. As hacking is a great way to get extra cash and xp I quickly upgraded my hack skills and ignored all passwords etc - favouring the bonuses from breaking into the system instead.
It gets bloody boring and repetitive hacking every possibly item in the game though!
Some prettier facial graphics would be a nice bonus now you come to mention it, but I could happily live with them using the same engine as the current iteration.


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