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Developer Twitter Smack Talk Roundup: L.A. Noire Is "Uninspired", Ubisoft's 3DS Lineup Are "Typewriters"

Jonathan Lester
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L.A. Noire

Developer Twitter Smack Talk Roundup: L.A. Noire Is "Uninspired", Ubisoft's 3DS Lineup Are "Typewriters"

Twitter has become the perfect forum for us to air our grievances about the games we play - and countless thousands do so every day. However, even respected developers enjoy ragging on each other's software lineup from time to time, and we have a couple of choice quotes for your delectation on this hot Saturday afternoon. Lucasart's Clink Hocking has blasted L.A. Noire as being "derivative" and "uninspired," whilst the CEO of Paradox Interactive has likened Ubisoft's 3DS lineup as being the "best typewriters in the world." It's on - and we want to know what you think!

First up is Clink Hocking, the respected developer behind Far Cry 2 who left Ubisoft to take a position at Lucasarts. Like many people, he's been playing a fair bit of L.A. Noire... but despite its overwhelmingly positive critical reception, he's absolutely blasted it.

1hr in. Moriarty was right re games as kitsch. Derivative, uninspired, narcissistic. Nothing original to say, & said badly.

Yikes. Naturally the community has been fairly savage in their response, and we'd be excited to hear if you agree with his assessment.

Secondly, Paradox Interactive CEO Fredrik Wester has laid into Ubisoft, who have continually boasted about offering the biggest lineup of 3DS exclusives. As far as Wester is concerned, however, this is nothing to boast about.

Ubisoft was recently bragging about having the "biggest 3DS portfolio on the market". It's like having the best typewriters in the world.

Ouch. Wester's comment has been likened to a "children scooter manufacture taking shots at Toyota," and once again, we want to hear your take on the situation.

After all that, though, it's important to remember that industry veterans are allowed to air their own personal opinions... but doing so in such a public way is bound to cause trouble in the long run. Let us know what you think! Still, at least they're up front: and not a BioWare employee pretending to be an unaffiliated user reviewer for Dragon Age II...

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