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Developers Expect Further Wii U Hardware Within A Month

Felix Kemp
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Developers Expect Further Wii U Hardware Within A Month

We're all desperate to discover just what's inside the Wii U's diminutive console. What sort of processor is it packing, is the GPU new or old or a custom design? But it appears even the developers working with Nintendo have yet to uncover the final specs, either, as they're expecting a new batch of prototype hardware kits to reach them by July, suggesting the design is still being tweaked.

That's according to Eurogamer, who managed to pry some information from SEGA's MD of development in Europe, Gary Dunn. "It's still a little early. There's another generation of prototype hardware coming out in June or July that's going to give us more information," he explains, in response to a query over the Wii U's specifications.

Dunn did reveal, however, that earlier kits had proven to be "quite powerful". A cautious estimate, maybe, that draws a little doubt over initial rumors that the Wii U offered more power than the Xbox 360 and even the PS3. However, I think we can expect that it will at least be on par with those two, allowing for visual parity between multiplatform titles. Dunn appears to agree with this; "We've certainly found it easier to get prototypes up and running on next-gen definition visuals, so we're quite pleased with it".

Nintendo promised strong third-party support as a key part of their strategy with the Wii U, and a number of big budget multiplatform titles popped up at their press conference. But that doesn't immediately mean that every single title set for both the 360 and PS3 will make its way to Nintendo's next-gen offering. "We would certainly consider Wii U in the mix," explains Dunn over their multiplatform slate, "but every single game is green lit on an individual platform by platform consideration."

Dunn did put to rest fears that titles ported to the Wii U from other platforms would receive a bog-standard translation. "Clearly the new control mechanic allows some asymmetrical gameplay which we're quite excited about - to leverage that when we're looking to put any game on that system."

We'll have more for you on the Wii U's specs when Nintendo finally decide its time to stop being tantalizingly vague. [Eurogamer]

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