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Diablo III Only £18.00 On PC At Amazon & Tesco

Jonathan Lester
Blizzard, PC games, RPG

Diablo III Only £18.00 On PC At Amazon & Tesco

Diablo III | Amazon & Tesco | £18.00 (save c. £8)
PC price comparison | Diablo III Review

Diablo III was never going to please everyone, seeing as it was in development for so long, and it definitely didn't. Though not as expansive as its predecessor (or Torchlight II), it's still an enjoyable dungeon crawler with a versatile skill system. Shame about the always-on DRM, mind. If you don't want to buy it on consoles and plan to pick up the incoming expansion pack, this is the cheapest deal around and a considerable saving. Thanks to the always-epic Jas10 @ HUKD!

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Tsung  Nov. 19, 2013 at 14:07

I think the biggest fault of this game was the fact you HAD to play it 3 times around before it got even slightly difficult. Then on the 4th play, it went from fun difficult to impossible difficult. Elective mode was a joke (lucky we could turn it off).

Revisiting it several months later, a quick trip to the Auction House allowed me to buy enough gear to make the rest of the game silly easy.


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