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Diablo III Console Builds "Up And Running"

Matt Gardner
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Diablo III Console Builds "Up And Running"

Blizzard "Exploring Console Options"

It's somehow still not yet official, Blizzard have once again confirmed that they are working on porting Diablo III to console, even if they can't come out and announce it as A Thing.

What this means is that there are working builds up and running already, but they're not ready to announce anything yet, probably because as soon as they do, the internet will transform into a swirling mess of slavering hordes.

"We're still kind of exploring [Diablo III on consoles]," said Blizzard CCO, Rob Pardo. "We've got builds up and running on it. We're hoping to get it far enough along where we can make it an official project, but we're not quite ready to release stuff about it, but it's looking pretty cool."

Diablo 3 lead designer Jay Wilson stated that Blizzard are still "exploring console options" and will continue to look to "expand and add onto the game."

"The whole team is essentially working on the next big Diablo thing," said Wilson. "A lot of that stuff will show up next year at some point." [Polygon]


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