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DICE: "The Bad Company Series Is By No Means Killed”

Matt Gardner
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DICE: "The Bad Company Series Is By No Means Killed”

We're rather fond of Battlefield: Bad Company and it's sequel here at Dealspwn. Maybe it's because DICE put some effort into their singleplayer mode, gave us characters that were funny and badass, and managed to make offline gameplay that didn't lavishly defer to a COD-based template.

Yes, Battlefield 3, I'm looking at you.

Anyway, the rumours of Bd Company's death have been greatly exaggerated, it's just that DICE has no time to work on it currently.

"We can always find talented people around the world," said DICE's Patrick Bach. “The Bad Company series is by no means killed or anything, it’s still out there.”

“We merged the Battlefield main game with Bad Company and we’ll continue to do it. I won’t say we’ll never build another Bad Company game, but right now we’re focusing on Battlefield 4.”

Of course, as Jon has pointed out, the ideal thing would be to fully merge one into the other: keep the multiplayer elements that made Battlefield 3 an outstanding game, nerf the super-serious, awful Oscar-mike, COD rip-off singleplayer, and replace it with open areas, larger than life characters, and enormous battles filled with AI powered by next-gen systems. Load that with vehicles and job done. [IGN]

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