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DICE: BF3 Contains 10 Co-Op Maps, Not "Competing" With CoD

Jonathan Lester
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Battlefield 3

DICE: BF3 Contains 10 Co-Op Maps, Not "Competing" With CoD

FPS fans are eager for any new morsel of info about Battlefield 3... and so, yeah, we've got a tidbit for you. DICE producer Patrick Bach has confirmed that their highly anticipated shooter will contain ten dedicated cooperative maps should hopefully make for some tense battles with a few friends along for the ride. However, Bach was also keen to throw some water on the increasingly-bitter rivalry between the Battlefield and Call Of Duty franchises by stating that the two series are "not competing in the same sport." Full details below.

Speaking to PSM3 in their latest issue, Bach suggests that the two shooters will offer very different experiences, and that Battlefield 3 will be full of gameplay elements that "aren't a part of modern warfare." Both will be relevant come this holiday season.

Everyone wants there to be a fight between us - and I understand that - but the problem is if you say it's a 'fight,' you're assuming you're competing at the same sport," he said of rivalry with Modern Warfare 3.

We have so many things in our game that aren't a part of Modern Warfare, so it really comes down to personal preference. You choose based on the depth you want, the maturity level, your own personal taste... it's all about how you get your fix.

We're building the game we want to play, and there are a lot of Battlefield fans who agree with us.

That's a class act, Patrick - and a stark contrast to recent inflammatory comments made by EA boss John Riccitiello. [PSM3]

Will you be getting both? Looking forward to the co-op experience? Or can there only be one FPS to rule them all? Have your say in the comments!

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Darron Gibson  Jun. 25, 2011 at 17:26

Not even sure how these comparison's have come about anyway.

Bad Company 2 had Onslaught mode, so I'd assume BF3's coop will be similar.

The most annoying thing is that MW2's coop was not original in any way whatsoever. It was a load of random normal CoD missions with an extra player tacked on.

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