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DICE wants your feedback on Battlefield 4 balance

Jonathan Lester
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DICE wants your feedback on Battlefield 4 balance

Touch wood: Battlefield 4 has broadly managed to reach the state it should have shipped in over the last week or so, leaving DICE free to start addressing the finer points of balance.

As such, they're reaching out to the community to canvas opinion on attack boat air defence, stealth jet cannon damage and more. The studio also wants suggestions for future tweaks, so if you've been moaning about how something is "OP" lately, now's the chance to get your point across.

We wouldn't hate more netcode and hit detection improvements to be honest, and perhaps a fix for the annoying (if harmless) 0HP bug that crops up from time to time on PC. What would you like DICE to bump to the top of their hitlist?

Battlefield 4's disgraceful state at launch, allegations of 'pump and dump' stock selling and EA's obnoxious attitude towards complaints has riled many customers since November; a shame since the core game itself is exceptional.

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stevenjameshyde  Jan. 24, 2014 at 17:23

Essentially my weapons don't do enough damage, and everyone else's do too much. Please fix this, Dice

Breadster  Jan. 26, 2014 at 09:18

Forget balancing, they definitely still need to work on the netcode some more.


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