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DICE LA: EA Forming New Studio, Will Start Work On New Star Wars Games

Matt Gardner
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DICE LA: EA Forming New Studio, Will Start Work On New Star Wars Games

Electronic Arts has unveiled a new DICE studio in Los Angeles, funnelling a bunch of staff from EALA/Danger Close into the new offices, along with "outside talent", and setting a staffing target to recruit 60 more people before the end of the year.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the new studio will be charged with creating new Star Wars games, though it's not yet clear whether those games will be completely new IPs or sequels to existing games and franchises under the Star Wars umbrella.

A number of core staff from the Medal of Honor team have already been relocated, though it's not yet certain if Danger Close will be shutting down in its current form. DICE general manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson said that a replication of DICE's -- who are based in Stockholm -- development culture and practices will be of paramount importance, but that the new location was chosen primarily to try and lure key talent away from the competition over at Infinity Ward and Treyarch.

"There is an extreme talent pool over that we want a part of," he said. "It's no secret that our main competitor is there."

Hopefully the team will be given time to produce something halfway decent, unlike Danger Close's last game, which sucked more than brand new Dyson, and was so poorly received that it led to one of EA's most successful series being put back on the shelf.

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