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DICE Will Make Platform Changes For BF3 Multiplayer Visuals

Felix Kemp
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DICE Will Make Platform Changes For BF3 Multiplayer Visuals

Not since Killzone 2 has the media buzzed with so much talk over a game's graphics, and yet another week has rolled around and DICE is yet again forced to discuss Battlefield 3's cross-platform visuals. It'll be a great looking game, regardless of whether you play it on Xbox 360, PS3 or PC, but in an interview with Edge, DICE has admitted they'll be making changes across each platform to ensure an amazing experience.

"Single player and multiplayer both have their own needs," explains DICE lead designer, Lars Gustavsson. "We're more than willing to make differences to deliver the best experience in [single and multiplayer]". However, Gustavsson did admit it's "utterly important" to ensure both modes feel "like the same game", rather than completely separate experiences.

For example, when you shoot an enemy in the single player modes they might stumble around a bit then topple off a balcony in cinematic fashion. But in multiplayer, however, DICE have opted for a "one-to-one correlation between action and result". Function over fashion. It's a wise choice; we don't want to riddle an enemy with bullets and then be forced to watch a protracted death animation as a dozen others swarm on our position.

And while DICE is toning it down a bit in the multiplayer stakes, you might find yourself gaping at some of the death animations in the single player portion. DICE is using proprietary animation tech from the fellow EA stable, the FIFA team, and Gustavsson is adamant we'll be very impressed when we pop a few shots into our virtual nemeses. "There's no better way of proving your single player run-and-gun experience than seeing what it feels like against a live human opponent". [VideoGamer]

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