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DICE Pledges To Support BF3 'Past Battlefield 4'

Jonathan Lester
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DICE Pledges To Support BF3 'Past Battlefield 4'

DICE has once again spoken out to soothe fan concerns over whether Battlefield 3 will become obsolete once its successor launches next year, suggesting that they'll support the multiplayer experience even after Battlefield 4 hits shelves. We've also got a few more details about September's Armored Kill expansion.

"We are committed to providing an excellent Battlefield 3 experience well into the future, past the releases of Aftermath, End Game and Battlefield 4," Battlefield 3 community manager Ian Tornay said in a recent Battlefield blog update.

"DICE is continuing its work on Battlefield 3 alongside Battlefield 4. Most importantly, official details regarding Battlefield 4 will always be made available on Battlefield.com and here on the Battlefield Blog. We expect that the level of interest in Battlefield 4 will lead to a lot of speculation and rumour - don't fall for it!"

This latest update comes in the wake of a botched premature reveal of Battlefield 4 on Origin and subsequent damage control. It's expected to launch in holiday season 2013 on PC... and whichever console generation DICE decides to opt for.

Tornay also shared a few choice tidbits about Battlefield 3's upcoming Armored Kill expansion.

  • Armored Kill will have 5 new drivable vehicles including mobile artillery, tank destroyers and ATVs
  • There will be over 20 vehicle specific unlocks.
  • Players will be able to spawn in and fire from the all-new gunship.
  • We will be introducing the Tank Superiority game mode where tank pilots and infantry will have to use all their skills to control key points of the maps. More details to come!
  • The console player cap will stay at 24 players. Players can expect to have a great time on these maps as we are custom tailoring the new Armored Kill maps with these parameters in mind.

Just in case you missed it, here's the explosive trailer:

Earlier today, we learned more details about Battlefield 3's Aftermath expansion, which will go live in December.

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