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Digital Foundry: Console Mass Effect 3 Framerate Best On 360

Matt Gardner
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Mass Effect 3

Digital Foundry: Console Mass Effect 3 Framerate Best On 360

With both copies of the game in front of them, it would appear that Digital Foundry have been running some tests on Mass Effect 3, and the results might not be quite what PS3 owners are looking for.

With the PS3 demo sporting a few framerate issues, it had been hoped that these would get sorted out before retail release. Alas, DF's report suggests otherwise.

"The demo is highly representative of the final game on both platforms, with 30 frames per second being an unachievable target during some cut-scenes on Sony's console, particularly at points with multiple NPCs and transparent alpha effects on screen."

This isn't to say the Xbox 360 version is completely perfect in this regard, but comparatively it certainly seems that the PS3 version suffers noticeably.

"The 360 version is also liable to dip during like-for-like circumstances, although never quite as much; as per the demo, the action remains v-synced, though the odd, unnoticeable tear may occur at the very top of the screen when the engine is under stress. As far as traversal gameplay goes, the 360 only shows occasional blips in visual feedback, as opposed to the more regular stretches of 20FPS gameplay we can see on PS3."

Still, PS3 owners will be pleased they don't ever have to get off of the couch. Nearly 30 hours in, and our Xbox 360 disc swaps are into double figures. [Digital Foundry]

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DarthBlingBling  Mar. 9, 2012 at 17:04

Regularly get 60FPS on my aging PC for the game :smug:


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