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Direct2Drive Game Rentals Coming To UK, Europe Within The Year

Felix Kemp
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Direct2Drive Game Rentals Coming To UK, Europe Within The Year

In January, Direct2Drive launched a new initiative allowing customers to rent games for five hours at a select price. Such was the schemes success, the company is now bringing it to UK and European gamers within the year. Renting a game from Direct2Drive affords customers a lower price if they then decide to purchase the full game.

Speaking to MCVUK, Direct2Drive's head of international digital distribution, Paul Herron, told the site "Being able to try before you buy was the biggest request from Direct2Drive customers". The company explained that the rental service they're "trialling" in North America has been such a success that they're "in the process of securing content for a UK and European launch".

No release window or pricing has been revealed as yet, with the firm - which is owned by IGN - securing content for a potential UK and European launch. It's a fantastic service, and the 5$, 5 hour strategy could translate very well to our shores. The added incentive of a cut-price full game purchase if you've rented said game is another very attractive prospect. [MCVUK]

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Andrew  Apr. 8, 2011 at 14:52

Do you know if the 5 hours starts from when you've purchased the rental or when you launch the game for the first time? Damn this 56k modem! :P

Felix Kemp  Apr. 8, 2011 at 19:11

I'm assuming it would be when you play it first, as it would be a tad restrictive to initiate the countdown upon download completion!


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