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Direct2Drive: Spring Sale Week 2 [PC Games]

Matt Gardner
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Direct2Drive: Spring Sale Week 2 [PC Games]

Lots of people are turning digital these days for their cheap game needs and, whilst I've always personally preferred physical media (probably due to ignorance), it's hard to disagree with downloadable content when your looking at a bunch of deals such as those over at Direct2Drive. This second week in their spring sale has some absolute gems in amongst the ranks, and its worth also noting that they still have an enormous number of titles knocking around for under £10.

Click here to head over to Direct2Drive and nab yourself one of the bargains below.

There are eleven featured bargains this week, as follows:

Of those listed above, there are a few absolutely barnstorming deals, particularly for GTA IV and, if you missed out on the Steam Weekend Deal, for The Force Unleashed too. the ArmA Gold Collection is an absolute steal at that price, with the second game alone retailing for £11.99 at the moment and Supreme Commander Gold is more than worth the price of a pint if you're unsure about buying the sequel and want to check out what the series is all about in more detail first.

The Total War Collection will just about save you money, although they've also listed Medieval II, which is by far the best title in the series, for under a fiver. Manhunt 2 for £3.50 might still be a little too much, though, considering how dreadfully mindless that game was. Make sure, though, if you haven't played it already, that you at least make use of the KOTOR bargain for under £4. Not only will it restore your faith in the Star Wars universe post-Phantom Menace, but it's a cracking RPG to boot. BioWare are exceptionally good at what they do and this is certainly up there alongside Baldur's Gate II and Chrono Trigger as one of the finest RPGs of all time.

Thanks to Andy1212 at HUKD

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