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Direct2Drive: Spring Sale Week 4 [PC Games]

Matt Gardner
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Mass Effect

Direct2Drive: Spring Sale Week 4 [PC Games]

We're into the final week of Direct2Drive's spring fiesta of sales, with another barrage of choice games and a discount downloadable rate. It must be said, I rather think that the sales peaked around week 2 but, whilst there's nothing here to maybe rival snapping up GTA IV for under a fiver, there are a couple of sparkling price drops that may well interest the discerning gamer.

Click here to head on over to Direct2Drive now and check out all of their current deals.

As with the previous three weeks, there are another 11 featured deals, which we've listed below; be sure to hit the link above, though, to have a look at all of the sub-£10 offers they've got going on.

In all honesty, this list is not quite as impressive as Direct2Drive might like to believe. Mass Effect, for example, can be bought as a double separately for under this price (considering that you can nab ME2 for £12.99 elsewhere). The Saboteur's price is the cheapest around at the moment, but only by about 3p. No, the real bargains here come at the bottom end, and Sid Meier's fans will have a bit of a field day. Civilization 4 and Pirates! are two absolutely cracking games, and you won't find them cheaper anywhere else for a couple of quid.

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