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DiRT 3 | £29.99 | The Game Collection | PC

Felix Kemp
DiRT 3, Games deals, PC games, Racing Games

DiRT 3 | £29.99 | The Game Collection | PC

I'm not much of a racing fan, but I like the Dirt games. Namely, because they're so dirty! Not like that, I mean clods of mud flying here, there and everywhere. I much prefer a bit of off-road racing to the sanitized cleanliness of a Forza or GT. So expectation is high for Dirt 3, which promises to fling the mud around like no other. If you're more of a PC man, too, then you'll be pleased to hear the best saving can be made on your platform. £29.99 at The Game Collection, which saves you around about four quid. Not bad. It'd due for release in two and a half months.

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