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DiRT 3 To Offer Party Multiplayer Modes

Jonathan Lester
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Invasion, Transporter & Outbreak

DiRT 3 To Offer Party Multiplayer Modes

Yesterday we spent an afternoon at Battersea Power Station courtesy of Codemasters and their upcoming rally racer DiRT 3. We'll have a couple of full previews for you after the weekend, but here's an interesting tidbit we gleaned from their presentation (hosted by none other than Ken Block himself). As well as multiplayer races, rallies and gymkhana events, DiRT 3 will feature a party mode that provides irreverent, accessible fun online or in splitscreen. We have the full details below.

Codemasters blew the lid off three of these minigames, which will last around 2-5 minutes each.

  • Invasion: When killer robots invade the Earth, it's up to the players to defend humanity with their tricked out gymkhana cars. Or, you know, knock down as many robot-shaped cardboard cutouts as possible within the time limit.
  • Transporter: Transporter is essentially 'capture the flag with cars.' Flags randomly appear around arenas packed with jumps, ramps and places to hide, making for an interesting balance between making gunning it for the objective, running interference for teammates and desperately chasing down the flag carrier. Either way, there'll apparently be no use for camping.
  • Outbreak: If you've ever played Halo's Infection gametype, you'll know where Codemasters are coming from. All eight players start in the centre of a huge arena, and after a few seconds, one of them becomes a zombie and has to infect everyone else by crashing into them. This means that other players have to drive, hide and stunt their way out of trouble as the timer counts down! We saw this mode in action, and quite frankly, we're all kinds of up for it.

Keep an eye out for our more detailed previews and videos over the next few days!

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