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Dishonored Cast List Is Packed With Talent

Matt Gardner
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Dishonored Cast List Is Packed With Talent

What do Princess Leia, Hit Girl, Mr. White, Cersei Lannister, Louise Sawyer and Mad Men's Roger Sterling have in common? Well, the actors that play them will all be starring in Bethesda's upcoming, open-ended stealth 'em up Dishonored.

If you somehow weren't already excited, start salivating now.

Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon will make her videogame debut as aristocrat-turned-street bum, Granny Rags alongside fellow Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner Brad Douri, who will play the inventor Piero - the Q to Corvo's Bond. Carrie Fisher will be broadcasting government propaganda over Dunwall's loudspeakers.

Elsewhere, John Slattery takes on the role of the Loyalist, Admiral Havelock; Michael Madsen will bring the shadowy assassin Daud to live with his gravelly voice. Chloë Grace Moretz will voice Young Lady Emily - the kidnapped Empress' daughter - with Lena Headey playing Emily's caretaker, Calista.

Dexter composer Daniel Licht will be setting the mood with the musical score.

Dishonored is out here in Europe on October 12th on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, and you can put our excited E3 preview in your faces here, where Jon waxes lyrical about the ability to possess a fish.

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