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Dishonored PC To Have "Its Own Different Interface"

Matt Gardner
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Dishonored PC To Have "Its Own Different Interface"

Dodgy ports have long been a bugbear for many PC gamers, distressed at the lack of optimisation and disheartened when given lazy treatment. But Arkane - the devs behind Dishonored - have vowed that this won't be the case with their game. Far from it, they're going to be deliveringtwo separate user interfaces - one forconsoels, and one for PC.

“Our background is very PC for sure,” said Arkane's Raphaël Colantonio, when grilled by PC Gamer on PC optimisation. “And now in this game we have a mix of strong console players and fans, and also hardcore PC people. So both sides are very influential, and in the end, yes, the PC has its own different interface.”

“It’s a very cool mix of culture, as Raph was saying,” added co-designer Harvey Smith. “At either location [Lyon and Austin] you’ll have people that are like, super hardcore strong about these PC standards. Obviously with the long legacy we’ve had, it’s a religion.”

Apparently, “the same is true for the PS3 and the Xbox” too, with the studio acknowledging the platform preferences of its staff, and allowing fans of particular platforms to work on platform-specific content, such as Achievements.

Encouraging words, then. But we'll believe it when we see it.

Dishonored is out on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 this October.

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