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Disney Files Castle Of Illusion Trademark Request

Felix Kemp
Castle of Illusion, Disney Interactive, Mickey

Disney Files Castle Of Illusion Trademark Request

New Mickey Mouse Game On The Cards?

Disney appears to be gearing up for another Mickey Mouse game, despite the indifferent response to Warren Spector's Epic Mickey. A trademark request filed by the company with USPTO refers to a 'Castle of Illusion' title, a game from way back when on the Sega Genesis that starred, you guessed it, Disney mascot Mickey Mouse.

Now it's unclear whether Castle of Illusion will indeed be a remake/reboot of said title, or a new game entirely only with this familiar name attached, but it would appear Disney haven't given up on cracking the mainstream videogame market with Mickey. Epic Mickey, while loaded with promise and potential, felt a little half-baked. With enough time and resources, I'm sure Disney could produce a cracking Mickey Mouse game. [USPTO]

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