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Disney Infinity Blowout | Skylanders + Minecraft + LBP = YES!

Matt Gardner
Avalanche Software, Disney Infinity, Disney Interactive

Disney Infinity Blowout | Skylanders + Minecraft + LBP = YES!

The rumours turned out to be true! Disney are prepping for a June release for their upcoming Disney Infinity initiative - a cross-platform series of games that will bring numerous Disney and Pixar characters from various franchises into the same playable universes.

Think Kingdom Hearts-meets-Skylanders-meets-Minecraft!Currently in development at Avalanche Software (the chaps behind Just Cause), the games are set to be released across home consoles, PC, portable consoles, and mobile platforms in June of this year.

Disney Infinity was described as a "new, interactive gaming platform," according to Disney Interactive co-president John Pleasants, who went on to say that it will combine the "best of Disney's gaming IP - past, present, and future".


Key to the experience will be Skylanders-esque figurines that unlock Play Sets in the Disney Infinity universe. These will each come with their own storyline, offering up playable worlds specific to individual Disney franchises. When Disney Infinity launches in June, it will do so along with three Play Sets announced at this evening press event based on The Incredibles, Monsters University, and Pirates of the Caribbean, as well as multiple others yet to be announced.

As well as playing with figurines in bespoke scenarios crafted by Disney for the Play Sets, players will be able to mix things up with  the Toy Box, where players will be able to create their own worlds and combine franchises with the gusto of children at a Pick'n'Mix. Progression through the Play Sets will unlock more and more toys, vehicles, bits and pieces that can be used to further create your own worlds.

Unveiled at a special Hollywood press conference this evening, the Disney Infinity platform will be supported by an initial line of 40 collectible interactive pieces at launch that will allow players to expand and customize their play experiences as well as 17 character figures that can be used to bring new characters into the Toy Box mode. Much like Skylanders' Portal of Power, Disney Infinity will use a base upon which you can place your figurines to unlock Play Sets and characters, along with Disney Infinity Power Discs that can also be placed on the base to drop new items, vehicles, gadgets, and character buffs into the world.

"This is one of the most creative things in the interactive world that I've ever seen," said Disney CCO, John Lasseter. "I'm really excited."

John Blackburn from Avalanche Software took to the stage after Lasseter and detailed Infinity's diverse gameplay features in further depth. He made particular note of the fact that all of the game modes will feature both online and split-screen multiplayer before showing off the content creation tools, and cheekily exhibited a replica of Bowser's Castle from Mario Kart. Move over Sackboy, it looks like there's a new bastion of user-generated content in town.

We're very excited for June.

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