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Disney Register Star Wars Attack Squadron Domains

Matt Gardner
Disney, EA, Star Wars, Star Wars: Attack Squadron

Disney Register Star Wars Attack Squadron Domains

Disney's LucasFilm have gone and registered a whole bunch of domains for something called Star Wars Attack Squadron. These include the likes of StarWarsAttackSquadrons.comSWAttackSquadrons.com,AttackSquadrons.com, and AttackSquadron.us.

EA are currently the owners of AttackSquadron.com (WHOIS) and AttackSquadron.net (WHOIS), and have been for a number of years. Having signed an agreement earlier this year to develop and publish a whole bunch of Star Wars titles, the extensive securing of these domains by Disney points perhaps to a new game, although at this point it could really be anything from a special mug series to mini-series of pay-per-view webisodes. [Fusible]


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