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Disney Sing It! High School Musical 3: Senior Year + 2 Mics £11.95 @ 7dayshop [PS3 Games]

Matt Gardner
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Disney Sing It! High School Musical 3: Senior Year + 2 Mics £11.95 @ 7dayshop [PS3 Games]

Sometimes I get compared to 'that frizzy haired guy from High School Musical', although this has nothing to do with my singing or dancing ability and more to do with my post-Pantene afro, either way such an exchange usually ends with violence as I reap furious vengeance upon the person who made such a comparison. Needless to say that Zac Efron and Co. are not on my Christmas card list. That being said, there is an enormous amount of love for the Disney series out there, and what better way to cash in on it than with a decent spin on the old karaoke formula.

To be honest, now that 7dayshop are offering the game along with two perfectly good, untainted SingStar-compatible microphones for a generous £11.95, anyone looking for a couple of spare microphones would do well to take advantage of this deal whilst stock is still in supply. Gamestracker has the nearest in-stock competitor for the game only version listed as Gameseek, offering this HSM3 singalong for £21.96, and that's without peripherals!

I'd pretend to have played this game, but considering I'm a 6ft 3 beer-swilling ogre of a man with an affinity for heavy metal and fighting, something tells me that you're not going to believe me, so extolling the game's virtues isn't really a viable option this time around.

What I can tell you is that for just over a tenner you're getting a pretty sweet deal. If, unlike me, the sickly-sweet optimism of High School Musical doesn't make you hurl everywhere then this is probably a must buy. With gameplay instantly familiar to anyone who's ever played SingStar, a starting roster of over twenty hits from the movies, a wealth of single and multiplayer modes, and a whole bunch of downloadable content ready and waiting, this is a sure-fire purchase for any High School Musical fan prone to belting out 'Breaking Free' at the top of their lungs whilst in the shower.

One saving aspect of the Disney series of Sing It! games is the Sing It! School Mode, which is a little like a challenge mode for your larynx. You take on bitesized snippets of particularly tricky vocal bits with the help of a voice coach, with each lesson honing a different skill be it pitch, timing, bending notes, breathing or harmony singing. This is a cracking idea, and not just because through such software Disney can hope to have an army of pitch-perfect starlets by 2012, but because there's some half-decent 'real-world' application going on here.

But even if you decide to stick the disc in the microwave along with a lit firework, a can of petrol and a fertiliser bomb (NB. We in no way advocate this), you're still getting two official Sony microphones for a damn good price, which is pretty awesome. At the time of posting 7dayshop's stock lists are still hovering at 'Medium', so whether you're an Efron fan or just a hardware scout, you might want to snap up this bundle while you still can!Disney Sing It! High School Musical 3: Senior Year + 2 Mics £11.95 @ 7dayshop [PS3 Games]

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