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From Disney's Marvel Purchase To The Hack-Proof PSP Go: News Roundup September 1st

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Disney acquire Marvel for a whopping $4 billion Dollars in today’s news roundup, while Square Enix consider downloadable content for Final Fantasy XIII, God of War I & II come bundled together as the God of War Collection on the PS3, and Sony remove the external battery for the PSP Go, in an attempt to wipe out hacking.

Disney acquire Marvel For $4 Billion Dollars

From Disney's Marvel Purchase To The Hack-Proof PSP Go: News Roundup September 1st

In a surprise move, Disney has announced they will be acquiring Marvel for the grand total of $4 billion dollars.  This transaction gives Disney creative control over many iconic Marvel characters, including Spider-Man, X-Men, and the Fantastic Four, which will combine with “Disney's creative skills, unparalleled global portfolio of entertainment properties, and a business structure that maximizes the value of creative properties across multiple platforms and territories” according to Disney CEO Robert Iger.

With this acquisition Disney now have a better position in the videogame industry, levelling the playing field with rival Warner Bros, who recently purchased Midway.  Marvel video games have always been relatively successful, including one of the most recent entries Spider Man: Web of Shadows.  Due to several existing licensing agreements between Marvel and many different video game developers, Disney won’t be taking over game development just yet.  Instead they’re going to sit back and watch the licensing deals expire, giving them “the luxury of considering what's best for the company and the products.”  [Kotaku]

Final Fantasy XIII DLC Being Considered

From Disney's Marvel Purchase To The Hack-Proof PSP Go: News Roundup September 1st

Following the trend of any big name game nowadays, Final Fantasy XIII looks set to receive downloadable content.  FFXIII producer Yoshinori Kitase announced although there are no concrete plans, DLC is being considered.  “We are exploring the option of downloadable content, perhaps adding new areas, items or enemies, but these would not be expansions to the story, only the gameplay” said Kitase,  pointing out that the entire story of FF13 will be told on the disc.  Offering DLC that continues the story is often unwise, often rendering the original game unfinished or incomplete, so pointing that out from the outset seems like a wise move.  [RPGSite]

God Of War Collection Announced

From Disney's Marvel Purchase To The Hack-Proof PSP Go: News Roundup September 1st

Sony recently confirmed rumours and speculation, announcing that God of War and God of War II will be hitting the PS3 on Blu-ray, labelled as the God of War Collection.  Both games will run at 1280 by 720 resolution and 60 frames per second, offering a smoother and sleeker experience than on the PS2.

Along with improved graphics, trophy support will be included.  Apparently available “this holiday season” the collection will offer gamers a chance to play the first two God of War games before God of War III hits in March 2010.  [USPlayStationBlog]

Sony Remove PSP Go’s External Battery To Prevent Hacking

From Disney's Marvel Purchase To The Hack-Proof PSP Go: News Roundup September 1st

After Sony claimed the PSP-3000 was “hack-proof”, it was successfully hacked within a few weeks of hitting the market.  Now with the PSP Go on the horizon, Sony is keen to show they can make the PSP not only hack-proof, but battery-proof too.  Instead of going with the firmware approach, Sony has targeted the hardware approach.

Sony Computer Entertainment America President John Koller announced “You won't be able to rip your games and play them on the system, the firmware precludes that.  There's no external battery, so there's a number of protections put into place on the system.”  Hackers often modify their system using the Pandora Battery, allowing pirate copies of games to be obtained successfully.  Without the option to install the battery, Sony hopes to prevent hackers from doing their dirty work.  [PSInsider]

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