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Dissidia: Final Fantasy pre-order £27.73 @TheHut.com [PSP Games]

Lydia Low
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Dissidia: Final Fantasy pre-order £27.73 @TheHut.com [PSP Games]

Jecht unleashes his ultimate attack: Jecht Pit Shot.

The new Final Fantasy title, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, which incorporates heroes and villains from the main games in the highly acclaimed Squaresoft series, will finally be available to buy on these shores from the 4th of September. This  action epic, is the sort of game that fans of the series will have been dreaming about for years and so it came as a great relief when the title was released in Japan and the US to a rapturous reception from both fans and critics alike. Apparently some retailers have stopped taking orders for the Limited Edition version so it's good to see that the site offering the cheapest price, thehut.com, have it in stock and are offering a discount of £2 to anyone using the discount code “BANK20”. Do be aware that the code is valid for this bank holiday weekend only.

TheHut also offer the best deal for the regular addition of the game and if you opt for this version then you can still use the discount code, taking the price down to £21.73

The story takes place on the world of Dissidia where two opposed forces, Chaos; God of Discord and Cosmos; Goddess of Harmony are constantly at war with one another (I wouldn't have though warfare would appeal to the embodiment of harmony, shows what I know...), choosing champions to battle it out in the struggle of light versus dark. When Chaos begins to get the upper hand, you must choose your allegiance to Discord or Harmony as the heroes and villains of Final Fantasy games past clamour for supremacy and the fate of the world.

Dissidia is an extremely attractive game which seems to do more than just pander to fan fantasies and can easily be enjoyed by those who have never so much as imagined wielding a buster sword or gunblade before. There is plenty of unlockable content and rewards to uncover and it is certainly more than a by-numbers beat 'em up. However it is said to suffer from a rather weak storyline (practically indefensible from this acclaimed series), poor voice acting and an occasionally frustrating camera.

The Special Edition is a sumptuous package; offering a lot more value for the extra money than many limited edition versions. In addition to the game itself you will receive a Mini CD of specially selected tracks from the Dissidia soundtrack, “The Art of Dissidia: Final Fantasy” - a hard-back book of artwork from the game, a 32 page mini game guide with information and walk-throughs and two exclusive lithographic prints, all in a fancy clam-shell box.

Personally, at first glance this game sounds almost enough to push me into buying a PSP but the more I think about it the more I realise that I would prefer the legends of this series to stay where they belong – in their original games.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy pre-order £27.73 @TheHut.com [PSP Games]

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