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Divinity 2: Ego Draconis £7.99 @ Game or Gamestation [PC Games]

Lydia Low
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Divinity 2: Ego Draconis £7.99 @ Game or Gamestation [PC Games]

Both Game and Gamestation are currently selling Divinity II for just £7.99, giving a ridiculous £15.50 saving compared to the next best price from a retailer with stock available: £23.49 from CD Wow.

Like the previous two Divinity titles, Ego Draconis takes place in the magical realm of Rivellon, home to a young dragon slayer and the game's protagonist. While still in the initiation stages of your career you meet a much despised dragon knight, on her last legs. In her last moments she transfers her powers to you, meaning that you are now an accursed dragon knight yourself, oh the horror! Soon you come to realise that all that you once knew was a lie and that the dragon knights are not the true enemy.

Watching some preview videos on Youtube had me rather excited for this game—it had something of a Dragon Age meets Fable look to it with the added joy of being able to transform into a dragon. So I was disappointed when it was released to a very lukewarm critical reception. User scores are generally a little higher however and it does have enough going for it to make it worth a punt at under a tenner.

The human-to-dragon mechanic is one of its main saving graces, flapping around as a scaly winged beast is a lot of fun and adds a bit of interest that you don't find elsewhere. The graphics are not especially beautiful but certainly serviceable and some areas are deftly designed. There's lots of weapons and armour to fiddle around with if you like that sort of thing and the voice acting is decent. It's a shame that the decent premise gives way to a fairly bland story peopled with bland characters and that the challenge level feels off balance at times but at least there's nothing truly terrible here.

Thanks to Macdory at Hotukdeals!

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Mac  Mar. 14, 2010 at 22:35

Thanks for the acknowledgement ... great price for an overlooked game :)


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