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Dizzy Returns Heads To Kickstarter

Jonathan Lester
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Dizzy fans, your time is now. Franchise creators (and twins) Philip and Andrew Oliver have taken to Kickstarter to crowd fund "a brand new Dizzy game for iOS and PC."

Dizzy Returns will feature "new puzzles, new characters, new locations, and new ways of playing will bring Dizzy bang up-to-date and make the game just as much fun for gamers today as it was in the 1980s."

Here's the pitch:

We want to stay true to the spirit and core ideals of the original series, whilst utilising the platforms, technology and resources we now have at our disposal. We believe that Dizzy Returns is a perfect fit for mobile gaming, and touch screen technology obviously means that we can experiment with and implement new mechanics and new ways of playing in Dizzy Returns.

It’s also pretty obvious that any new Dizzy game should have a home on PC. It’s something that Dizzy fans regularly ask us for, and after all, the ‘classic’ Dizzy control experience with keyboard keys or joystick harkens back to the days of the Amstrad, Spectrum, Commodore 64, ST and Amiga.

This is why we've decided to develop both iOS and PC versions of the game simultaneously, to take advantage of the technology available to us and to give you, the fans, more opportunities to experience Dizzy Returns.

  • CLASSIC DIZZY GAMEPLAY - Platforming, puzzle-solving, enemies to avoid, hazards to traverse, loads of locations, quirky characters.
  • A BRAND NEW EPIC STORY - Building on established Dizzy lore, expect old questions to be answered and brand new ones to be asked!
  • CHOICE OF PLAY STYLE - Gameplay designed for both short and long play sessions.
  • NON-LINEAR PUZZLES - Concurrent quests that can be solved in any order.
  • NEW MECHANICS - Tonnes of brain-teasing puzzles using game mechanics never before seen in a Dizzy game, utilising physics, time and light, amongst other things.
  • A BEAUTIFUL WORLD - The Dizzy universe brought to life with glorious visuals and fully animated 3D characters.
  • MEET NEW FRIENDS AND OLD - Dizzy and the Evil Wizard Zaks return, along with some familiar and not-so familiar faces!
  • EXPLORATION - Re-visit the Kingdom of Zakeria, with classic locations like Keldor, Treehouse Village and Cloud Castle and more, as well as brand new locations to discover and explore!
  • DYNAMIC HELP SYSTEM - Toggleable hints catering for all ability levels, to ensure you'll never be at a loss!
  • RETRO MODE - Experience Dizzy Returns in full retro glory, complete with 8-bit graphics and classic difficulty level!

Blitz Games are seeking £350,000 on Kickstarter UK. If you want a brand new Dizzy game from its original British creators, it's time to put your money where your mouth is.

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Late  Nov. 23, 2012 at 16:21

Yeah, ignore android - nobody uses that. Well done lads.


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