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Dizzy Set For Triumphant Return

Jonathan Lester
Codemasters, Dizzy, Egg-shell-ent news

Dizzy Set For Triumphant Return

Codemasters Teases & Trailers New Dizzy Title

This is happening. Codemasters has announced that 80s gaming mascot Dizzy is set to make a comeback with a new website and teaser trailer.

Codemasters' Rich Eddy has confirmed that "Eggmergence Day" will be revealed tomorrow. God help us all.

In all seriousness, it will be interesting to see whether this will be a new downloadable title on home consoles or a mobile/social game. Either way, be sure to reacquaint yourself with the classic gaming icon by reading our Blast From The Past.

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gunnx  Nov. 22, 2011 at 14:52

I hope its more than just a social/mobile game. Id prefer if they kept it 2d, as dizzy to me is more of a puzzle game than 3d adventure

Late  Nov. 22, 2011 at 15:52

Oh nice! Fingers crossed for either a direct port or a graphical reboot of the old stuff. As gunnx indicates, please don't dick around with Dizzy, Codies. We love him how he was, and would hate you to mar those memories with a poor tie-in.

leedale30  Nov. 22, 2011 at 18:15

a FPS I bet where you have to kill everyone as per normal

DivideByZero  Nov. 23, 2011 at 11:33

It's got to be a Gears of War style remake.

JonLester  Nov. 23, 2011 at 11:39

It's an iOS remake of Prince Of The Yolkfolk, guys. I had the sneaky suspicion that it might be a mobile game.

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