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DJ Hero (including Turntable controller) £39.98 @ Game Group [Xbox 360 & PS3]

Tom Silkstone
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DJ Hero (including Turntable controller) £39.98 @ Game Group [Xbox 360 & PS3]

Thanks to its older incredibly successful brother, the premise of DJ Hero really needs no introduction, the only notable differences are the shape of the controller and the genre of music. What does need bringing to your attention is the fantastic price that the game group are offering for the title and turntable controller, which for me at least is starting to look very appealing.

So, 'whats the damage?' you may be asking at this point. Well, the game group (Game, Gameplay, and Gamestation) are parting with the game and turntable controller for £39.98, on both PS3 and Xbox 360, which is almost £10 cheaper than the next best offer of £49.95 from Zavvi.

Now, when compared to Guitar Hero, DJ Hero certainly isn't as polished and the multiplayer experience isn't quite as rewarding. However, instead of bringing a rock concert into your living room which in itself was no mean feat, this time around Activision have managed to squeeze an entire club night, music and all, into your house with style and a surprising amount of ease for a first time title. I found myself becoming quickly absorbed by the game, transforming into a legend of the lounge with the assistance of a pair of sunglasses and headphones, shouting at people to put their hands in the air and move to the beat.

The game contains an impressive set list and special guest appearances from the likes of DJ Shadow, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Daft Punk, and Eminem. When its your turn to step into the spotlight, the controller allows you to perform actions such as crossfading, scratching, and special effects, all of which you'll have to learn in order to become a master of the decks.

If you're looking for a music game thats a little bit different, perhaps you're not a fan of the rock and roll scene and therefore have stayed away from Guitar Hero, or maybe you're just looking to chill out by creating a new mash-up then Dj Hero might well be the game for you.

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