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DmC PC Outsourced, Vergil Not Playable, New TGS Trailer

Matt Gardner
Capcom, DMC: Devil May Cry, Ninja Theory, QLOC, TGS

DmC PC Outsourced, Vergil Not Playable, New TGS Trailer

A whole host of DmC info has erupted forth from TGS, with a few tidbits cenred around the PC version of the game, which we now know isn't being developed by Ninja Theory. There's also a shiny new trailer that features the Onyx weapon that we got to play aroun with at Gamescom.

The PC version of the game will be ported by localisation specialists QLOC (described by Capcom producer Alex Jones as "a pretty tight outfit"), who've performed such a service for a number of Capcom titles, such as Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition and Street Fighter x Tekken.

"Because it's being developed out of house by a different developer from Ninja Theory there are logistical things involved," Jones said, talking to Eurogamer. "But the plan is to get it out shortly after the ship date for the console version."

It is to be hoped that the PC version will run at 60 fps, unlike its console counterpart which is set to come in at 30 fps.

Jones also stated in no uncertain terms that Vergil will not be a playable character in the game.

"I want to be definitive," he said. "He's not playable in the game. I don't want to be coy about that and have people think they're getting one thing when they're getting another."

You can check out the TGS trailer below, and read our hands-on DmC preview here.

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