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DmC Sets A Low Difficulty Bar For New Users

Matt Gardner
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DmC Sets A Low Difficulty Bar For New Users

Ninja Theory and Capcom have revealed that there's to be a relatively low difficulty bar for new users and more casual gamers who might not have engaged with the Devil May Cry series in the past.

"When I looked at videos of pro-players playing the old DMCs, they're always in the air, they're always juggling enemies around, and doing stuff that most of us look at and think 'I have no idea how that works'," said combat designer Rahni Tucker in a recent interview with OXM.

"We wanted to take that magic the pro-players could create and give more casual players a bit of that feeling. A bit extra hang-time, more aerial moves, the launch button is a single press without a lock-on."

Capcom's Hideaki Itsuno has stated that accessibility doesn't  have to mean compromise, explaining that the number f new users was dying off with previous iterations, and that something had to be done for this reboot to entice a new audience in.

"As the series has gone we've seen new users die out, as it took longer to get into it," he said. "When it came time to make DMC 4, with the new hero and new moves, new techniques and skills, not many new fans entered the series.

"But with this new DmC, you can take the techniques built up during the old series, and the bar to entry for new users is very low. Both old and new fans will be able to enjoy the game, and I'm very proud of them."

We rather think that variety is the spice of life, and if there's a way to satisfy both old and new interested parties, then why the hell not. Our hands-on time with the game last year, not to mention the recent demo, pleasantly assured us that Ninja Theory have nailed the core gameplay features, and when juggling a range of enemy types and demonic weapons, things can get pretty hairy.

One thing we know, however, is that there's not long to wait. Review code is in, the game launches on Jan 15th and you can expect our appraisal to go live the day before.

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