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DoDonPachi Resurrection Deluxe | £19.95 | The Game Collection | Xbox 360

Jonathan Lester
Bullet Hell, Cave, Rising Star games, SHMUP
DoDonPachi Resurrection Deluxe | £19.95 | The Game Collection | Xbox 360

DoDonPachi practically defined the Bullet Hell SHMUP genre when it pushed the Japanese arcades to the limits of gaming prowess, and the Xbox 360 version is much more than a straight port. Instead, it contains a major graphical update, mechanical overhaul and new modes that tailor the enemy waves to your own personal abilities. It's not for everyone, but it's certainly a colourful and stressful blast from the past that still feels fresh and exciting today. A bonus soundtrack CD adds extra value, though be aware that the Black Label mode has to be bought separately as DLC. The Game Collection, after launching at a sub-£20 price and quickly moderating it back up to match their competitors, are back in business as the cheapest vendor thus far.

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