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Donations For PS3 Hacker As Court Case Intensifies

Felix Kemp
Games news, GeoHotz, PS3, PS3 Jailbreak

We've been covering George Hotz, aka Geohot, since he cracked the PS3's firmware wide open. Since then, he's been embroiled in a hefty court case with Sony who - understandably - want Hotz punished for his actions. Hotz, on the other hand, has stood firm on his side of the matter, firmly in the belief that he did nothing wrong. I can't lie, his casual bravado in the face of law suits and the might of Sony is impressive, and now Hotz is asking for donations to his cause so he can "face Sony with some of the hardest hitting lawyers in the business".

And it didn't take long for Hotz to find some generous benefactors, with the first round of donations over in an instant and the second rolling out shortly. It's looking likely that Hotz can assemble a fearsome legal team to counter Sony's own. But still, it's a difficult situation to judge. I can understand Sony's outrage; it's not like I'd be upset if my billion-dollar investment was cracked open for rampant piracy. But Hotz has a compelling argument, one that can't simply be ignored. "I am an advocate against mass piracy" he claims, going on to explain that "Once it's paid for and mine, I have the right to unlock it, smash it, jailbreak it, look at it, and hack on it."

Hotz should still be cautious, however, as Sony is a fearsome contender to do battle with, especially in court where they no doubt have a capable roster of cunning lawyers, dressed as famous Sony mascots, no less. They've already managed to convince the courts to grant a 'temporary restraining order' against Hotz, which means he can longer reveal information on the PS3 hack via his website and his computer equipment must be turned in to Sony imminently.

It's a course of action Sony was forced to make to save face, but it's not as if the code to hacking the PS3 is contained solely in Hotz's computer. It's everywhere online, a nebulous little code Sony has never truly erase. And Hotz isn't willing to give up just yet. Quite the contrary in fact, he's already revealed his terms if Sony wish to settle, and it includes returning the OtherOS option on the PS3 and a public apology from Sony themselves. Kid's got stones, I'll give him that.

And according to new reports, Sony is so intent on blocking the hack that they're developing a brand new PS3 model to counteract it. Supposedly, the 'hack-proof' PS3 will feature a Slim design, a 300GB hard-drive and retail for £186.99 in an effort to entice buyers. Personally, I think if Sony had a fix for Geohot's hack they'd distribute it via PSN, but if it's a hardware fix I wonder what else it's blocking.[Ars Technica]

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Gunn  Feb. 22, 2011 at 15:07

Well looks like he will be busy for a while, will this put a dent in his time for cracking the xperia, or will he do that while in court! Still if people are getting a cheaper PS3 out of it, consumers win again.

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